Feb 17, 2009

A piece of advice for beginners and even for experienced ones

While browsing through the pages of the internet, I chanced upon Theory 11 website and there I watched a video that contained very important advice not only for beginners but also for those who have experience in magic but is still lousy with it.

Honestly after watching it I learned a lot from it . Although it hits hard and it hits real I think their pieces of advice are very important since nowadays everyone wants to become the next David Blaine or Criss Angel. I mean sometimes magic is too overrated because of them.

To add to this some tricks that other people do have been exposed all over the the internet or TV and even worse on some "magic shops" that are so profit oriented. This is another reason why I think that magic is sometimes too overrated that I'd rather create my own effects or buy ones in the internet which are less known here.

Anyway just watch the video and you'll see what I'm talking about here. It has great pieces from which I know you would benefit a lot.

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