Feb 3, 2009

I'm preparing for something to astound them

I've recently took time to study again coin and money magic. Watching those videos by Jay Sankey made me realize that coins are very effective when it comes to magic even though the tricks are very simple. Now I've perfected 2 new coin vanishes and I had come up with a bill change that is quite good although not at par as those like Heiny 500 or Extreme Burn.

Hopefully I would find these tricks useful when time comes so that I would be a good magician who could actually fascinate people not just make them feel how clever I am.
Working with money is really very nice and testing the tricks is more satisfying especially if the audience would ask how was I able to do that.

Well I'm preparing and practicing some more so that I would be able to put into good use the magic I'm practicing.

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