Feb 8, 2009

My trip to the bookstore

Yesterday I went to National Bookstore because there were books on sale. I tried finding myself a good book but unfortunately I didn't find any. Looking further I saw some books by Psicom publishing that teaches magic tricks. It was a cheap, thin paperback book that sold for about $1.50.

There are two books, one that teaches card and everyday object magic tricks while the other teaches coin magic. I browsed the books and honestly it is just a revelation not a lesson. Imagine this on a page it says on the top effect. Then there are drawings (colorful ones) that tell how it is done. That's it just a revelation no tips on presentation, no basic sleights first before you learn this trick etc. For an aspiring magician to learn from this book would be good but to perform using it I think he should go find another book.

I appreciate though the effort of drawing the illustration but still the way it was drawn might not give the reader a good view of the trick. The photos too on the other book wasn't that clear and the sequence for the methods isn't that good either.

I hope that to all magicians who are serious with magic I hope they just look at this book but make sure they invest at something better...

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