Nov 27, 2008

Why Spoonbending and some Mental tricks don't appeal to me

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The picture above is a spoon bent by one of the most famous spoon benders in history Uri Geller. He is a magician who claims to have supernatural powers and apparently he had made a lot of money putting up shows that supposedly shows his psychic powers.

However when he was asked to do it for a live audience on national TV with all the props supplied by the show itself he wasn't able to perform any of those apparently psychic feats. His reason for not being to be able to do so was he said that he wasn't feeling powerful that night.

Anyway I saw a lot of magicians actually doing this trick and many times I see the same type of bending. It usually goes wave spoon-bend-bent spoon-rubbed-spoon breaks in two. I find this quite boring and totally not amazing because instead of entertaining audiences some turn this into a boring pseudo-science class.

Some who perform this would say that they're channeling mental energies. into the metal piece that's why it bends. So it's mental to the metal ok anything else? Of course this would go on saying more and more uninteresting and boring things.

Well claiming it as a scientific thing is really quite annoying in my opinion. They claim that psychokinesis in bending spoons is real etc. and this is really misleading especially to those who are not that knowledgeable with the studies on psychic abilities.

Another is how some of these mental tricks are actually psychological ones, well some of course are really psychological ones but there are who claims that even though it is simply not. I remember watching someone who did a trick that guessed the cards in a spectator's hands.

He said that he was reading the cards via body language. For all I know he could be using a special deck in the first place or even worse a "shiner" to see what those cards are. I really don't know but that was one boring trick.

Anyway I have nothing against the tricks, it's just that the way some present them are really boring or even worse misleading. Yes a lot of magic tricks are meant to mislead but only your imagination and not the real facts of life in this world.

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