Jan 11, 2009

I've just been reading a few blogs and practicing lately

After the holidays it's been quite hard for me to go back from what I usually do. When the Holidays came, I found it hard to do my usual exercise routine every morning and for two weeks that had been cold there was really very minimum movement from me.

Not only I didn't do exercise but I somewhat took a break from practicing magic. I took the whole two weeks of vacation for rest and relaxation. Honestly there are times when magic is stressful and frustrating especially if you can't get it right.

Anyway it's been quite a break from me and it has actually helped me to get things right and to do things better. I think that in whatever we do, we should always take the time to get a break from it so that we won't be burned out by it. Taking a break and relaxing from all the stress of our activity gives us a better insight because we are able to see things clearer because our minds are clear too.

I've been reading some blogs lately too hoping too find good material to write about. I chanced upon this entry that it is about a subject that is becoming a sensation in the world wide web. Here is the link with the screenshots of a facebook blog entry. Really shame on the writer of this entry and that teaches us a lesson that we should never post entries publicly less we want that the whole internet wrath on us.

Same goes with exposure of magic tricks all over the net. I may want to write a topic on it but of course it would take another long post about it.

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