Jan 4, 2009

My New Year Wishlist

Well I really don't make resolutions for the new year rather I make goals that I think I could attain. I think it's better to have something to look forward to rather than to have something that forces you and actually drags you. Anyway here are a few of what I'm planning to achieve for this year 2009.

1. Become an instructor in French and Spanish at my Alma Mater and maybe share the magic and spark interest to it to students.

2. I hope to buy my own video camera so that I could share with you a lot of wonderful videos of magic here.

3. In line with this I'm hoping to have my own computer. It may be still far fetched but who knows I might be able to buy my own.

4. I would like to do magic professionally even on a part time basis. (Since my first walkaround was a success it has really inspired me to move into earning via magic)

5. Have more material for my magic, not only with cards but with coins, rope and silks as well. Maybe if I'm lucky I might start doing stage shows too.

Those are actaully my priorities for this year and hopefully I could achieve them all.

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