Jan 21, 2009

Looking for inner peace

It has been very stressful during the past few days and even I became quite tired with doing magic. My magic isn't like the way it used to be and it looks quite worse than before. Maybe I just need take a rest from it and maybe clear my mind from what I'm feeling. Basically it's like that I have too much magic in mind that leaves me frustrated since I can't do them all.

Maybe I'm experiencing some sort of fatigue from magic so I decided to actually go back to my original hobby which is drawing. I just set up my own deviantart account and maybe I'll get my old drawings up there. Last night I really didn't touch my magic stuff at all and I just took a paper and pencil and started drawing.

I know there is real magic whenever I draw and it has been quite a while since I experienced how my hand would guide the pencil to the paper, drawing images with each light stroke and like an artist who is so focused with the work, I didn't notice that it was quite late already when I finished the drawing.

I had been drawing since I was 5 and I got into drawing anime when I was 12. It was really frustrating for me back then not being able to draw in the style of let's say Marvel or DC and appareantly Anime and Manga offered me the way to actually fill in this frustration and made me draw human figures beautifully.

Honestly it was drawing first before magic and back in school I was really so much into it that almost every moment is an opportunity for me to practice. I drew everything from my classmates to the professor to the pictues in the book up to the 13 Presidents of the Philippines (My best work so far when it comes to caricatures too bad the teacher asked for it and who knows she might be using it as her visuals too)

I think my break in magic would do me good as for it will give me the inner peace that I'm looking for.

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