Jan 6, 2009

Watching TV and discovering a magic show

I was watching TV last night when I saw Rannie Raymundo's The Boss The conjurer show on ZTV on local TV. It was ok especially when they perform but problem is the set of the show makes it look very cheap. In my opinion it looks as if it was a home video shot in a garage.

Here's a sample video of the show

Sad to say but the show seems to me to be a very low budget one. The Black Background on the hosts table made it look bad and even worse the lighting was really bad. Sad to say although the magic was great the show isn't and some acts are quite boring.

Like last night there was this guy who was supposedly doing card manipulations. Honestly it was very boring. Obviously there was a mistake when the black flash string was lit it didn't burn the flash paper wherein supposedly the fan of cards would come out. Besides that the music was boring and producing fans and fans of cards (actaully the same two fans I think) are quite boring. I switched the channels after seeing how he produced the same cards over and over again.

I may not be good at card manipulations but hell I know which is a good one.Anyway back to the show, I have a suggestions though for the show not to be boring. Seeing that it is a show made for magicians, I think too much is given for magicians to see rather than just entertaining audiences. Maybe they should think about the format of their show rather than just showing magic tricks why don't they entertain using it?

Anyway just voicing out my thoughts and maybe just maybe I could find a better TV magic show.

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