Jan 19, 2009

Just a few thoughts: Being featured again

Well I may not be famous around in my own land but I am slowly becoming famous worldwide thanks to the Worldwide Web. I am really happy whenever I get featured from different websites for magicians. My first was when I was featured at club.magicians.com the entry could be found here. Anyway since then I have been more inspired to be the best I can be in magic.

Recently I found another magician's website called the Magic classroom. I joined, got my membership approved and then I was featured. I was really surprised that I had been featured. Here's a screenshot of me being a featured member of the site. (Click to enlarge)

If you want to be a member click the banner:

Visit The Magic Classroom

I was really flattered that although I'm really not that good, I still get featured. I just know how to get around with tricks, present them and make people happy. I am really not a fan of very complicated routines and maybe that's what makes me good at least for the audience.

I do hope that someday I'll get to be known in this country too. In that way I could share with them too what I've learned from mingling with other magicians even through just the internet.

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