Nov 9, 2008

The Cutting Edge- Another Magic Store in the Philippines

After my MA classes my girlfriend and I went to Trinoma to have some lunch. It took us more than 30 minutes from UP to get there because of the unusually heavy traffic. Anyway after we had lunch, I asked her if we could go to a certain store which I found out while searching on the internet. Apparently this store sold special decks like vipers, ghost decks, black tigers and other trick decks like stripper decks.

So went around the mall and we soon found that store. At first you won't notice that they sell magic stuff because the first thing you'll see are the Swiss knives and other special knives. The magic props are to be found on one part of the store.

I browsed through the decks they have and I was actually quite delighted (even though I don't use special decks due to the fact that they are so expensive) to see those decks that I usually see only in internet shops. Behind the decks, I've found something more interesting: books.

I was surprised to see Mark Wilson's Complete Course on Magic there as much as I would like to have that book, I was really short of cash. I also saw some DVDs like Trilogy by the Buck Brothers. I know these DVDs are expensive since these are original ones.

Anyways what I like about this shop is that they sell stuff that are not cheap imitations and at least their high prices are justified by it. It is a good break from all the other shops around Metro Manila. However their product range isn't that extensive and their staff is not as friendly.

All you could find there are card decks, A PK set, some books and a few DVDs. I don't think they sell beginner sets either. Maybe their target are those magicians of intermediate to advanced level. I may still have to compare prices though at internet shops because they might be charging too much.

Anyways at least it's a good sign that the latest magic hopefully would be available here in this country.


kups said...

I went to Eastwood mall (new mall) and Cutting Edge was at the 3rd floor. I got 2 Bicycle standard decks right away. : )

Jordan Pampliega said...

If you want to buy Bicycle cards, I suggest you get them at National Bookstore where it is cheaper.

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