Nov 25, 2008

An interesting fact about the Ace of Spades

Of course as you may have known my specialty when it comes to magic is really card magic. Of course being the curious person that I have always been I just did a little research over the internet about playing cards and now I'm presenting you random facts that you may have not known about playing cards. Here is the site where I found this interesting trivia.

Why is the Ace of Spades bigger than the other Aces?

Well this thing about cards is a classic whenever one performs Vernon's Twisting the Aces. Apparently it is only in USA and UK wherein the Ace of Spades is the biggest among all the other aces. In other countries it is the diamonds or the hearts that is bigger or has a more elaborate design.

Speaking of which why does the Ace of Spades has sometimes more elaborate designs that those of the others? Well apparently in History playing cards were once taxed and in order to show that they have paid their taxes they placed it on a card. They did this because if the plastic wrap or the seal is destroyed when a new card deck is opened usually the seal that you have paid the tax is also broken.

Of course as time went by the tax was abolished but making elaborate designs on the Ace of spades remained.

So that's it a little random fact about playing cards.

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