Nov 19, 2008

How fast time flies and how wisdom could be found in unlikely situations

So I was at the office today at around 6 AM to call some countries for follow ups. When i finally finished calling at around 7 I just took a break and surfed the net for some stuff. I came across a website that has cool videos of some TV shows and I decided to watch Avatar the Last Airbender.

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I watched a few episodes and as always I enjoyed every episode of it. It was so cool watching all those elemental manipulations that would have made great magic if it was really possible to do. Watching a few episodes made me realize how time flies so fast that when I looked at the clock it was past 8 already and at any time the others would arrive

Anyway there was a certain episode when one of the character Iroh teaches his nephew Zuko, a new technique in firebending. It was emphasized that one should learn from other places so that one could be whole and to avoid the rigidity of staleness of some things.

So that's it a Eureka moment for me. I gained some new wisdom about things and surely it could be applied to magic. Now I'll be looking not only magic from one point of view but from other views as well. This thought lead me to branching out my magic not only focusing on sleight of hand and visual effects.

That lead me to study mentalism. I have downloaded some free e-books about it and I hope i could pull off some mind reading and psychological persuasion tricks to some people. Also studying mentalism gave me some new insight on how to interact better with audiences.

I do hope I could learn a lot from mentalism so that I'll be a better magician.

1 comment:

daggers4zidane said...

Maybe next time you can explain a bit about mentalism, I don't know what it is, but it sounds interesting! :)

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