Nov 17, 2008

One of the best: Jorge Blass

I just want to write posts about magicians who may not be that known but who are very good when it comes to magic.

So let me begin these series of posts by featuring one of the best magicians out there: Jorge Blass

I've discovered about him actually when I was searching in youtube some good magic. I'm so tired already of all those David Blaine and Criss Angel tricks when I decided to use the Spanish word "Magia" in the searchbox in youtube.

There I discovered Nada x Aqui a magic show in Spain that combines Close-up, Street and Practical Jokes. The best part is when the hosts would perform their magic and of course it's always a treat to see Jorge Blass in action. His Close up magic is really very good and even though you're not actually watching it live, it feels like you're very near watching it.

He also does some street magic and his effects are very fun to watch. It is so different from the usual Street Magic that you see in TV wherein the audiences are usually frightened by what the magician did. With him it is always fun and what's best about it is that you are left with a good impression that magicians shouldn't be feared.

So if you want to know more about Jorge Blass you could visit his site at this link.


Robin said...

My family enjoys watching Chris Angel. He is really good at his magic tricks. :-)

Jordan said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'll be writing about Criss Angel in the next few weeks.

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