Nov 5, 2008

Magician Superheroes

This is a follow up to the previous entry about having superpowers and using them for magic. Now what if it is the other way around: using magic as if they were superpowers? This lead me into writing this entry about Magicians who use their magic to become superheroes.

1.Mandrake the Magician
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Created in 1934 by Lee Falk (the same guy who created The Phantom) Mandrake uses an impossibly fast hypnotic technique to create illusions to battle the lowliest gangster up to aliens and demons. One magician actually adapted his Pencil-thin Moustache and Top hat and there's no doubt they look the same. He is Leon Mandrake

2. Doctor Fate

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Doctor Fate may not look like your average magician, because his powers came from a certainlord of magic: Nabu who is from Egypt. He was trained in the art of not only any magic but magic of the highest order. He could manipulate objects using that kind of magic. I don't know if anyone would adapt his costume.

3. Zatanna

Image Source

She is a descendant from a long line of magicians including, Da Vinci, Flanel and Nostradamus. Before discovering she was a real magician, she worked as a stage illusionist. Using spells she combats evil along with other magicians.

There are more magician superheroes out there and it might take me more than one entry to list them all. I wrote about them because they had made magic not only for stage, but also for comics and TV series as well.

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