Nov 9, 2008

This Blog is jealous of its sibling

I have installed a hits counter last week in my blogs and I was actually surprised of the results on how many people visit my blogs. I know I have passed 1000 hits already and I should have installed this counter a long time ago but just for curiosity sake, I've installed one to track how many people visit my blogs. I am quite frustrated honestly that this blog gets less hits than my Learn French blog.

My two blogs are very different from each other ,one talks about magic, the other teaches French. I think it's obvious why this blog gets less hits than my other blog: this blog is less appealing because it is not as useful as my other blog. It is a personal magic experience blog and maybe people find it boring since they don't see the point in reading magic. They want to LEARN tricks and know the METHODS but that's against my beliefs. I've had a blog once that teaches magic but I have to put it down because I felt guilty doing it.

Anyway it's just a thought, what matters is that both my blogs gets hits at least there are people that is interested in my writing.

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