Nov 4, 2008

Rubber Band Philosophies

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I've been playing with a few rubber bands as of the moment. I was practicing my usual tricks with it and when I got bored, I just started stretching them. Trying to make sense of what I was doing, I then remembered something about people and rubber bands.

I've heard once that people are like rubber bands. When rubber bands are stretched they can only be stretched up to a certain length and the moment it reaches its limit, it would either go back into its original form or it would just snap. Just like rubber bands, people when put into a lot of stress either goes back or snaps.

Stretching these rubber bands made me realize what I am really feeling right now: being stretched. I've been stretched to much with problems and frustrations from work especially. I'm trying my best to stretch myself even more trying not to snap amidst the pressure combined with the realization that I should be in another job. What I'm talking about is a usual office day job and I'm not a professional magician so don't worry I'm not planning on quitting magic. (A magician? Why not but of course I need a more stable job than that.)

If I will write all the things about my work that stretches me to the limits, it might take me a whole day writing about it. Besides I think it's not worth the bandwidth and space on my blog. (How I wish I had studied escapology so that I could just escape through all of this.)

Well so much for philosophizing, ranting and comparing myself to rubber bands. I'm more than a rubber band and I know I could surpass even my own limits. So for now I'll let you enjoy an older blog entry with tricks with rubber bands.

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