Nov 25, 2008

Doing nothing in order to do Something

Right now I'm facing again a stage in my life wherein I do nothing so that I would be able to do something. So much for being a paradox it simply means that I need to take a break and do nothing so that in a few days I'll be able to bring myself back together to do something.

Maybe I need to wait and listen to myself and to the universe as well on their plans for me. Too bad I can't find the time to do this especially now that I've become too busy with work. So for the meantime I'll just check myself to see if I'm still ok.

Maybe I need to vanish myself or the time being or if not maybe I need to spend it with my closest friends. Or maybe I just need to know what bothers me right now so I could get back to my life.

That's why I searched all over the internet to look for personality quizzes and stuff and so far this is what I found that mirrors more or less myself right now.

ColorQuiz.comI took the free personality test!

"Needs a peaceful environment. Wants release from s..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Oh well I hope to get a grip on myself soon.

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