Nov 11, 2008

Free Magic Tricks

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Whenever I visit online magic shops or websites related to magic, I notice that some of them offers you free tricks if you sign up for their website. Signing up would usually give you access to a free trick and more often than not you'll learn a trick or two and maybe you would want to learn even more.

Well that's what they really want, they teach you a trick or two then they'll teach you the rest but of course for a fee. I really wouldn't say that I totally agree with this kind of arrangement but in my opinion it could be the best so far.

Since magic heavily relies on secrets, it wouldn't be good if all these secrets would be revealed for free. It might be the end of magic as we know it, if ever all those tricks are revealed for free. The only thing I don't like about it is that some tricks are overpriced and maybe the reason for that is you don't only buy the trick you also buy it's secret. (Read more about my experience in buying the secret here)

It is quite disappointing but a magician once told me that most tricks have high prices to discourage non magicians form buying them. Although true I really don't agree with it. wholeheartedly because most of the time, you don't get your money's worth and secondly you also discourage aspiring magicians . Maybe because those who sell tricks have that goal is to make more profit rather than make better magicians.

For example a gaffed card could cost you from $10.00- $30.00 over the internet and all the while you could make one on your own. I have my own experience with those cards, basically there is a store here that sells a trick which uses three gaffed cards for PhP150 (around $3.00) quite cheap for some but it would be cheaper if you'll make your own and the fact that those gaffed cards are only limited to one impractical trick makes it really disappointing. Also the fact that the cards aren't long lasting makes it even worse.

Because of that disappointment, I decided that in order for aspiring magicians to be more encouraged I started writing a blog with the essential sleights and a little of history in magic. I also included tips and tricks so that they could maximize the tricks taught there.

Wait I know you're thinking that if I'm a magician, why do I reveal these tricks? Well I don't because all tricks are password protected and I only give a the password to those who are willing to learn magic. That's the only fee I ask from them as well as they should keep the secrets of magic. Moreover The tricks I put there are in public domain books.

So if you really want to learn magic you may check my blog here and follow the instructions and I hope I encourage you to learn magic not just know its secrets.

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