Nov 12, 2008

Need Inspiration?

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I've been scouring the Internet this past few days for some inspiration on magic. Youtube has always been a good source but it is tiring to find a good video. I really don't know why those who end up at the top of search results are usually those that are boring.

Good thing though there are a lot of online magic shops that has good videos wherein I could get a lot of new ideas. These online shops of course only shows the best magicians in truly amazing routines. Of course they do it that way so that they will have more profit LOL. No seriously online shops need that for the profit.

Anyway after watching videos from certain online shops, I've actually got new ideas and actually new tricks. As a magician, after watching a trick and appreciating it, finding out how it's done is the next step for it.

I've been a magician for quite a long time and knowing it's essentials make it easy for me to actually know how a tricks is done. It may not be the exact method but recreating the effect is something achievable by knowing the essentials.

Anyway I got some new tricks, not up my sleeve though, ready to be performed as soon as I have perfected them.

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