Nov 24, 2008

One of my favorite magicians: Joshua Jay

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Joshua Jay is an American Magician who always has very fresh ideas for magic. According to his website he started magic when his father showed him a tricks and he himself figured out how the trick was done after a few hours. He always says that he didn't find magic it was magic who found him.

As one of the best young magicians out there he always innovates the tricks that most magicians already know or he even creates his own new tricks. Besides having a creative mind he also writes books and some of these have been published already in different languages.

He also knows how to speak French and Spanish (just like me only difference is I look better LOL) that's why he is one of my favorite magicians. Not all could speak more than two languages and those who do are blessed.

His presentation style is really captivating and he always make sure that the audiences are always engaged with his act. Watching videos of him doing magic makes me more determined to become a better magician.

My favorite tricks of him include

1. Waltzing Cheek to Cheek
2. Elevator
3. Chinese Coin Challenge
4. Cornered
5. and a whole lot more

His tricks are very good and as much as I try to figure it out I just don't because I'd rather enjoy watching it. As his website says "The secret is right in front of you" so you don't need to try look for it anymore.

Well that's just it hopefully in a few years I'll be in a level same as him and I think knowing more than two languages is a good start now all I have to do is work better in magic and my boyband projection just like in the photo above LOL.

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