Nov 23, 2008

Instant downloads

Probably one of the best gifts to magicians out there who want something new in their stuff. Instant downloads are magic products that either come in pdf or video format and of course it is downloadable via internet usually for a fee.

Honestly I have always wanted to buy an instant download product to learn a new trick or two. Even though I could buy online for stuff I'm having hesitations on these kinds of products because it might not be worth my money to begin with. Yes you are buying a secret when you buy an instant download but are you sure it is something really new and aren't there any free copies of it from the internet? Also why should I buy a secret if I could watch it over and over to learn it?

Well that brings me again to why I should buy it. Well yes you could get it by watching it over and over again but the problem is the methods you might be thinking of may be really wrong for the trick and wouldn't it be better to spend more time practicing it after learning than trying to learn the secret?

After thinking about that I decided to give it a try and to buy one from penguin magic. After I decided which one to buy I filled out this form and too bad I can't get an instant download because they do not ship to this country. I mean come on, you get the product via the internet so that should mean that anyone could get it anywhere anytime right? Too bad I can't so I abandoned the thought and decided to e-mail them at least to let them know.

What happened next is really more disappointing and annoying. After spending minutes writing a letter explaining what happened and pressing send on the screen, my e-mail bounced back and apparently my e-mail didn't reach them. I was really frustrated with what has happened and I promised to myself that I'll do the best that I can to get this to penguin magic's attention and it includes this post in my blog.

So I hope this reaches them and appropriate action could be taken.

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