Nov 26, 2008

Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself. Give me enough rope and I'll show you a trick!

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Yeah the first line of the title really sounds desperate. Yes Desperation is actually an anagram of "A rope ends it"and a lot of us has felt despair one way or another but if you are reading this it means that you haven't ended yours yet with a rope. Good for you because for me if you give me enough I'll end your desperation by using rope too.

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No I'm not hanging you or anything! If you give me enough rope maybe we could end your desperation if you let me show you a trick or two with it. If we are both desperate the better because we'll be learning that it's not by the rope around the neck that will end it rather it will be by the rope on skillful hands that would make you believe that no matter how impossible a thing is to achieve as long as you believe you'll be able to achieve it. (Ok this is redundant but you get my point right?)

Honestly I have always wanted to do some rope magic. Although I don't get to practice it a lot I have a lot of methods right here in my head ready to be performed even with borrowed rope. I'm not bragging or maybe I am but maybe I should just be performing rather than bragging right?

Well hopefully I could get some rope to practice on but I must be careful with it because the moment I get mad at a heckler I might be showing a trick: Bind the heckler. Anyway until then my rope magic still has to wait.


Julehya said...

I am glad to have come across your blog. I must say the time I spent reading your posts was all worth it.

Jordan said...

Thank you very mush for visiting my blog. I'm glad you appreciated my posts.

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