Nov 5, 2008

Superpowers? I hope I have them for REAL

I am a magician but I don't have any superpowers and I don't even claim to have any. All that I do and perform are merely illusions designed to entertain or puzzle people's minds. No matter how simple a trick is, I know for some it leaves an impression that I have a superpower.

Thinking of this, I started imagining, what If I have real superpowers? What would it be and how will I use them. Then all of a sudden I started daydreaming of how nice it is I have those super powers.

I thought how nice would it be if I know how to teleport from one place to another. If I did then I wouldn't have to pay for my transport fares and maybe I could go anywhere I want. On the side of magic, I could actually make an even better version of the transported man.

Another is what if I could be invisible or at least make thing invisible? Then I wouldn't be worrying about angles if I make things vanish right? (I actually now have the power to read minds and I know that if you could be invisible, the first thing you will do is to go somewhere where you are not allowed to go, to watch some things.)

Well we all know that I don't have those powers and what I do just gives an illusion that I could do those extraordinary things, but come to think of it, isn't it extraordinary too if we could make the people around us forget the harsh realities of life even for just a minute? Seeing them smile is a proof that they believed even for a few seconds that you do have super powers.

Actually putting a smile on their faces is something extraordinary too and I think that is a superpower that we all have.

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