Nov 18, 2008

I'm getting ready for my first formal show

As an amateur magician (emphasis on not doing magic as a source of income) I was always asked to do a trick or two during gatherings amongst friends or families. It was always impromptu and usually I never get to show them the best tricks that I have.

Until one of my friends asked me to do a walkaround magic show on a birthday party. I was asked if I could perform for the guests and I didn't hesitate when I said yes. Of course it would be a great opportunity for me to show my skills at the same time to assess myself in case I would be doing shows in the future.

It was good that the Birthday party will have a theme and from there I was actually able to draft a routine for each table consisting of tricks that are simple to understand yet very mind boggling. Since it is walkaround and table hopping style I opted for tricks that are not too flashy, to avoid people from the other table from being disturbed while the show is going on in another table.

I hope to complete the line up at the end of this week so that I could go practice for the remaining weeks before that day. I hope I could pull it off as a magician and leave a good impression on the guests so that in the future I could share more of the magic with other people.

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