Nov 6, 2008

Nada x Aqui

Nada X Aqui (read as Nada por Aqui) is a Spanish phrase meaning "Nothing in Here", a common phrase used by magicians, is also a title of a Spanish TV show in Cuatro. This magic show showcases the talent of 5 (sometimes 4) magicians led by Jorge Blass. Along with Luis Piedrahita, Inés, Jandro and Yunke.

Lucky for me I understand Spanish that's why I really like this show. It is a different twist from the usual magic,usually the magic shows on TV are patterned after Blaine or Angel that's why watching a show that actually entertains rather than mystifies.

This show has a lot of elements that make it very interesting. Besides the usual magicians on the show, they also invite magicians from all over the world to perform at their show. Guest magicians who have performed there include Pit Harting, Lennart Green and Paul Daniels.

Besides the magical performances on studio they also show street magic and hidden camera magic. Their street magic is actually refreshing compared to the usual stuff. Their hidden camera magic is really funny especially when they go to other countries to film it.

The tricks presented in the show are actually not the same stuff that you always see on other shows. Besides street magic has been overrated already by some magicians who always appear to be mysterious. Nada x Aqui has shown that Street magic is not about mystifying, it is about entertaining.

Watching videos of it on youtube made me realize that magic is not all about the grand things. Sometimes the most subtle tricks are the best to impress an audience. Presentation is more important and seeing you audience smile rather than terrified is a sign that you are an entertainer rather than just a trickster.

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